Have You Seen This Guy?!

Y’all. I need your help. I am calling on the power of the Internet and my ladies, who I know collectively could rule the world. (Who run the world? Girls!)

THIS IS AN ACTUAL GUY ON BUMBLE. Do you see what I see?????

I didn’t match with him and I haven’t run across him on Bumble yet but one of my girlfriends did and oh my gosh…he’s reading my book The Single Woman in his profile pic!!! Can we just talk about how perfect this is? And how much I need to track down this guy if for no other reason than to give him a high five?!? I meannnnn. Best case scenario he’s my soulmate, lol! Worst case scenario he’s just a super cool guy with excellent taste in books. 🙂 But either way – I need to find this person!

All I know about him is his name is Brian, he’s 40-years-old, he is apparently a graphic designer, and he lives somewhere in the vicinity of Nashville. That’s where you guys come in, my thousands of pairs of eyes all across the globe. If you know this guy, have seen this guy, can point me in the direction of this guy, please contact me here. Side note: if you happen to be boo’d up with this guy…please know I don’t want to steal your man. I just genuinely want to ask him about the picture and tell him how insanely cool and hilarious I think it is that he chose it for his online profile pic. (After all, it takes a pretty secure dude to be featured on his online dating profile holding a book with a pink stiletto on the cover. HA!)

Okay, ladies…girl power and online stalking skills ACTIVATE! (Lol!) Let’s find this mystery Brian and give him mad props from The Single Woman sisterhood!


2 Responses to “ Have You Seen This Guy?! ”

  1. Jasmine Q
    June 2, 2017

    lol! Love this post! Excited to see the outcome!! Online Stalking skills Unite!!! Love it!

  2. Sandra
    June 2, 2017

    Love this! Praying for you girl!

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