Minus a “plus one”? Make it a party of one

In every single girl’s life, she will, on occasion, find herself at a very important crossroads. She makes plans with a friend to go to dinner at the latest great restaurant in town and the friend backs out at the last minute. She wants to see the sappy chick flick that just hit theaters, most likely starring Ashton Kutcher (because hey, what sappy chick flick these days doesn’t star Ashton Kutcher?) and none of her » Read More

Single after 30: How to turn a cautionary tale into a fairytale

I was watching the news this morning and I paused on one of my favorite morning shows, Good Morning America, just long enough to hear Robin Roberts promo the next story, “The Sooner the Better,” with the tagline “New studies show that 90% of women’s eggs are gone by age 30.” Since I had to assume she wasn’t referring to the kind of eggs you make an omelet with, I immediately grabbed the remote and » Read More

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